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Fast and easy queue management like never before

Focused on your customer, thinking about your business

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Qore is the queue management solution

Qore is our queue management solution, powerful, 100% cloud based, modular and scalable where you only pay what you use. It fits every business scenario no matter how big or small it is. With focus on the customer experience but with the goal of improving your business and help you increase your revenue.

The single centralized application is 100% browser accessible, allowing you to access it on the fly. It also enables you to configure the system to meet your business needs, using our own concept of store profiles.

Happy Customers


Loyal Customers


More Revenue

Store Profiles

With this powerful concept you can change in seconds the way one or more stores work and interact with your customers. Using profiles, you can:

Change services and queues, their availability, as well as prioritize them

Open or close counters and optimize your resources

Change dispenser’s navigation and ticket layouts

Communicate more efficiently, displaying alerts and new campaigns to your customers

Update as many stores as you want with a single click

Change immediately or schedule for the near future

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See what is happening in your system in real time, with all the important data displayed using the best possible experience for each view, using our dashboards.

Entity – Globally control the values that matter the most to your business.

Store – See detailed data on a particular store and act upon it or delegate that responsibility to store managers

Counter – Increase productivity by making real time metrics available to staff

More Data


Better Decisions


Improved Business

Qore - Total giveups dashboard widget
Qore - Top giveups dashboard widget
Qore - Total in assistance dashboard widget
Qore - top tickets issued dashboard widget
Qore - Top assistances dashboard widget

Qore - Aplicação de balcão


No need for software installation, almost no training, easy to use and with all the features needed to ensure that the customers receive the best possible service in every stage of assistance. Making productivity metrics available in real time to staff increases their productivity and reduces their stress.

Our counter application was developed taking in account the most modern and best concepts of usability, to ensure the most seamless experience to your staff, allowing them to focus in delivering a more personalized service experience to your customers.

Happy Staff


Happy Customers


Better Customer Experience

Brand Communication and Advertising

With a wide range of dispenser and display templates, we are sure that you will find one that best suits your brand message and third-party advertisement.

With an already captive audience, every waiting minute counts. Select the template that best suits your brand message and make the difference in creating a stress-free, quality and awesome experience for your customers.

Have a specific layout in mind? No problem!

Quality Waiting Time


Better Customer Experience


More Revenue

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Qore web application across devices


Give mobility to your customers, by empowering them to take their tickets anywhere.

Let your customers receive a digital ticket or convert a physical ticket into a digital one, so that they can explore freely and at the same time continue to be informed about their queue and receive alerts when it’s time to be assisted.

Send direct marketing content to their devices in key moments through this new channel to increase business revenue.

(Increase) Customers Mobility


Store and Direct Marketing


More Revenue

Qore mobility


With our SMS ticket feature, your customers can receive and save tickets in their mobile devices and receive alerts when it’s time to be called

Eco friendly

Reduce your ecological footprint


Improve your image and revamp customers relationship


Give freedom to your customers to walk free inside your store or even outside


Send automatic alerts to your client when it’s time to be called

Ticket Tracker

Give freedom to your customer with our TicketTracker, enable them to have their tickets and follow the state of the queues in real time, in their mobile devices, instantly and without having to install an app

No Installation

Using a browser on any device with an internet connection

Ticket tracking

Track your ticket status as if you were in the store and receive an alert when you are called

Qore ticket tracker web app

Digital Ticket

The ticket as it’s known, in digital format and on any device

Queues status

Know anywhere the latest tickets called as if you were in the store